Compliance and Solution Tracking 


Since 2005, CastIMS has not only been instrumental in helping agencies achieve PPMS™ certification, but also serves as an integral part of their Compliance Management Systems. Continuously improved to respond to the needs of the ARM Industry, CastIMS has grown to provide organizational benefits far beyond simply tracking issues.

Show your clients that their reputation is in good hands.  Show government agencies that you are being proactive to issues and complaints.  Show your employees your commitment to adhering to the highest standards for every client. Proving your dedication to compliance proves that you care about delivering results, with excellence, every time.  And there’s no better way to prove that than with CastIMS.

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Complaint Tracking

Compliance Management

PPMS Automation

From long term projects with multiple delivery goals, to one off issues that need to be documented; they are all found in the CastIMS system
Mark Myerscough, CSRP,Wilber & Associates