• With automated email notifications and reminders there is no failure to communicate

  • Changed since last viewed indicators provide dashboard notification of updates

  • Real time tracking eliminates duplicate activity and reduces re-work

  • Easy to use client portal access and internal client contact assignment keeps the lines of communication open



  • Time tracking assists with management of staff workloads

  • Version control ensures users reference the most current documentation

  • Life cycle statuses, time and date stamp of user updates, and automatic logging of issues keep a perfect record of activity

  • Items are easily assigned - assignment activity logs provide a clear picture of any hot potatoes


  • Web based - access with your favorite web-browser

  • User dashboards provide everyone with easily accessible information on all projects and responsibilities

  • Ad-Hoc reporting allows any user to search for reports and documents using a myriad of criteria - bookmark user defined reports!

  • Pending issues permissions and My Documents listings provide access to your entire organization



  • Drill-down graphing with multiple dimensions provide extensive trend review of any area

  • Advanced ad-hoc search functionality with global reporting provides one click access to business activity

  • Items are queued for easy review

  • Excel compatible search results allow trending of all meta data


  • Installed internally on your server and can be secured with SSL certificate or locked down to specific IP addresses

  • Extensive user permissions, document permissions and client restrictions can be tailored to each user

  • User Activity, Download, View and Permission Logs ensure only qualified users access information

  • File Verification with MD5 checksum guarantees documentation has not been altered



  • Proving your dedication to client service proves you deliver results with integrity and excellence

  • Responding quickly to requests improves company morale

  • Providing a single, consistent location for managing business activity reduces re-work

  • Integration with your existing web presence keeps existing clients coming back to your website

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Client Issues and Logs

Client complaints are easily reported, logged and referenced for follow-up.

Nonconformity Reports and Logs

Nonconformity reports track and record processes or actions that are not in compliance with company, client or legal requirements. They are often identified through a Client Issue Report or a Consumer Compliant.

Continuous Improvement Reports and Logs

Continuous Improvement Milestones are a way of knowing how projects are advancing.

Training Reports and Logs

Training Reports assist with identification of training needs and provide proof of all Training.



Compliance Requests and Logs

Compliance Requests assist with responding to consumer complaints and provide a reference for all correspondence including the number and nature of complaints.

IT Requests

IT Requests allow the company user friendly access to the IT department’s workload and provides a single location to receive updates and view the progress of IT projects.

CS Requests

CS Requests allow the company to track client requests for additional services as well as segregate client requests from client complaints.

Document Control

Unlimited users and non-database storage of files ensures CastIMS Docs is a useful and affordable document manager.

Complaint Tracking

Compliance Management

PPMS Automation