Installed within your network for added security and flexibility, CastIMS is a web-based system specifically designed to assist the ARM Industry with managing compliance and quality assurance programs. Easy to use tracking forms include Consumer Complaints, Client Requests, Corrective Action Reports, Training History, and Document Control. Cross linking of the reports is viewable in a relational map and users can quickly obtain extensive trend reviews with ad-hoc reporting and drill-down graphing.

Policies and Procedures

  • Maintain version controls
  • Provide secure web-based access to all documentation
  • Select audit dates to review substance and applicability


  • Ensure that training is current for all staff
  • Relate completed training  to compliance requirements
  • Track the volume and consistency of training

Complaint Management and Accountability

  • Document complaint follow-up
  • Easily track the number and nature of complaints
  • Provide real-time monitoring of complaints
  • Track complaint resolutions by date and time
  • Identify and resolve complaints internally
  • Demonstrate a formal process for handling complaints
  • Easily communicate complaint trends
  • Integrate with any collection system

Corrective Actions

  • Prove timely implementation of corrective actions
  • Audit results of corrective actions and policies
  • Review trends with drill-down graphing
  • Easily escalate issues and complaints to management

Demonstration Request

Complaint Tracking

Compliance Management

PPMS Automation

CastIMS creates one team that is made up of all Harris & Harris employees. It opens communication between departments and has encouraged us to join forces to drive intended outcomes and resolve issues.
Nikki Schneider,  Harris & Harris