Options for document management are plentiful. They are also generally expensive, confusing, and not aligned with your goals. Now you can achieve the same levels of security and accessibility without the drawbacks.
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Document Control designed with you in mind.

Unlimited users and non-database storage of files ensures CastIMS Docs is useful and affordable.


  • Eliminate confusion surrounding document location
  • Retrieve the most current version of your documents from anywhere
  • Instant analysis of your document library

Version Control

  • Provable compliance with regulatory requirements specifying access controls for information
  • Know why the document changed, not just how
  • Know exactly who made the change and when


  • Easy to assign user and group permissions are applied to each document
  • Complete control over who can view or upload new versions of the document
  • Your documents are protected from external security risks


  • Upload all file types including Microsoft Office, PDF, WAV, image files, and more
  • Pinpoint the documents you are looking for with just a few clicks of a mouse
  • Easy grouping and auditing of documents

Complaint Tracking

Compliance Management

PPMS Automation

CastIMS is user friendly for the administrator and easy to teach to our staff. I believe this would benefit any company.
Donna Madigan, Universal Credit Services