CastIMS has been successfully installed using Windows 2000 or greater, Linux or OS X 

Due to the sensitivity of information stored in CastIMS, we do not offer CastIMS in the cloud. Installed on your server, you have complete control of your data and the security of that data.

512MB is recommended for the associated applications and the database. Since any attachments to the forms and any document control items are stored on the file system and only pointers are kept within the database, some of our clients prefer to keep the physical storage of the attachments out on a file server with plenty of disk space and simply map the folder to the CastIMS server.

There is no additional software purchases required for CastIMS. The only thing users will need to access CastIMS is their favorite web browser.

Yes. It is recommended that you apply an SSL certificate to only allow approved users to access CastIMS.

By basing CastIMS around an industry-standard software stack that values security and the flexibility to adapt to any organization's needs, as well as keeping security in the forefront of all design decisions within the system, we firmly believe that CastIMS is ready to meet any organization's security needs. Click here to see our detailed security information .

In the event that we no longer support CastIMS, the source code will be deployed to all users with a current maintenance agreement.

Break/Fix Support 
Modification of software to correct issues discovered after implementation including addition/changes to customizable fields 

Free Upgrades

Adaptive maintenance
Modifications to ensure software remain effective in the changing business environment

Perfective maintenance
Improvements to overall performance

Improvements for continuing innovations, such as new forms or improved functionality

Source Code Escrow 
Maintenance of code for deployment to you in the event we no longer support the software 

Help Desk 
Online training and help with functionality, best practices, implementation of new releases, and other offsite IT services (e.g. moving servers).

All of the drop down fields are customizable. Improvements to the system itself are available for an additional fee, but most improvement ideas are added to our standard upgrades and do not result in any additional fees. 

Upon notification of a new release we schedule and install the upgrade for you. 

Currently we have clients using VPN's (web, Cisco, Sonicwall), straight RDP, VNC, etc. We prefer to stick to your standards wherever possible, and are pretty flexible. 

Unlimited. Unlike many software products aimed at business today, the cost of CastIMS is a fixed cost based on the products selected. We do not believe in per-user licensing. Instead, we believe that the more users you have collaborating on the system, the greater the benefit it provides, and we want your software to be the best it can be. You should never have to make a choice between price and effectiveness. 

User access can be tailored for each user to address all levels of employees.

Yes, we have developed automated upload functionality to transfer data from any collection system into CastIMS.

All of the PPMS required tracking forms are available in CastIMS. The only forms not included are the Internal Management Checklist and the Management Review Checklist since the items on those checklists vary from company to company. 

No! Since CastIMS manages the required tracking for PPMS, many agencies have only successfully implemented PPMS upon purchasing CastIMS.

Demonstration Request

Complaint Tracking

Compliance Management

PPMS Automation