With over thirty years of experience in the financial industry, ranging from ten person organizations to Fortune 100 companies, Peacock Consulting was founded in 2005 by Sarah Headly and Craig Stewart.  We are a partnership of quality and technology, committed to the collections and receivables industry and continuously looking for ways to improve and promote quality within the industry.

With a focus on client satisfaction, quality assurance programs, and the technology necessary to implement them, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your business recognize areas for growth and improvement and make your vision your present.


Sarah Headly

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Sarah began Peacock Consulting to provide excellence to the accounts receivable industry through the twin pillars of quality and efficiency. Her expertise forged in her rise from collector to Director at a prominent Wisconsin agency, her ability to motivate staff and improve processes consistently delivered reduced costs, revenue gains, and increased productivity.

Nationally recognized as a quality assurance expert, she serves as a member on ACA's PPMS™ Subcommittee and was invited to instruct agencies on the Professional Practices Management System for ACA International. This formal teaching experience, along with her role of PPMS™ implementer for multiple agencies, has provided her the knowledge necessary to be a PPMS™ expert. Sharing ideas and best practices with a national network of agencies allows her to choose the solution that's best for you, not simply the one she has used before.


Craig Stewart

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Craig has a unique perspective on what it takes to improve an organization's IT infrastructure, starting with the business needs and enabling efficiencies through technology. His experiences range from jack-of-all trades at a 5-person organization to data warehousing efforts at one of the largest securities firms in the nation.

He found a home in the middle, recognizing and performing all categories of efficiency improvements at a leading company in the receivables management industry. He pioneered web-based software for tracking ACA International's PPMS™, which has now grown into a comprehensive Information Management System. Now in the consulting realm, Craig is always looking for a way to make his clients' lives easier through the proper use of technology, whether that is implementing off-the-shelf software or developing custom programs to meet their business needs.