We will work with you to create a quality and compliance management system that ensures your staff meets the highest standards while working within the best practices of the ARM industry. We will implement your entire program or customize our involvement to fit your needs.

Blueprint QMS Implementation

  • Develop and prepare your company Procedures, Policies, and Forms
  • Ensure submission paperwork meets certification requirements
  • Design an auditing process that works for your company and provide guidance on how to manage future audits
  • Implement meaningful tracking processes that will enhance core understanding of trends and display levels of performance
  • Provide training presentations and materials that can be used as is or adapted for educating new hires and clients


  • Gap analysis of existing documentation
  • Development of needed policies and procedures
  • Training on how and when to document processes
  • Assistance with document controls

Complaint Management

  • Design of complaint response processes
  • Training on complaint handling best practices


  • Design of audit schedules and plans
  • Identification of audit areas
  • Development of audit checklists and worksheets

Training Program

  • Identification of training needs
  • Analysis of training documentation compared to company policies and procedures

Blueprint Quality Management System certification is a company certification program offered by ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.  For more information click here.